English for Specific Purposes, or ESP courses, focus on developing English communication skills in a specific discipline, such as health care, finance, marketing, tourism, management, human resources, engineering and strategic thinking. Emphasis is given to the development of language and communication requirements in a particular professional field. This field specific language communication training enables participants to master relevant communication and professional skills and, in so doing, meet the needs of their industry locally and internationally.

Jargon, work and communication with ESP

ESP for Hospitality
ESP Course for Hospitality

The Jargon or specialised words used in an Industry or field is very important for peer acceptance as a member of that professional group. Knowledge and technical know-how are clearly important, but these must be presented with an excellent standard of communication skills. After all, success is not only based on what you know but also on how you can communicate it. Indeed, communication skills are considered one of the best career enhancers. ESP teaches you these skills.

Use ESP for Presentations
ESP for Presentations

In fact, evidence suggests that employers in all occupational fields place greater value on employees’ communication skills than they do on their technical skills and rate it as a top priority for both securing and retaining employment. Clearly being accepted by the employer and being able to fit in and use the jargon of the industry makes you a better candidate and more employable.

ESP Required for your job application

Basic ESP Assessment
ESP Assessment required for work

Basic English skills are often required as the preferred language to communicate with tourists and foreigners. Therefore, basic tests of the competency are often used as employment requirements of some government offices or positions. So achieving even a basic competency can enable you to get a job or work.

Join an ESP course at EMR Education and you will be able to:

  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification in your study or specialised area
  • access the specific vocabularies of your company, industry and functional area and understand how to employ such vocabulary in specific business situations
  • Use appropriate style and tone for your profession and work
  • Convert technical knowledge into compelling presentations and reports
  • Enhance your productivity, job performance and self-confidence
  • Advance your career
EMR Indonesia Address
EMR Indonesia Address

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