It started as a Working Holiday Visa, I couldn’t just register and use my Indonesian Nursing Degree in Australia, I needed to be registered and for that my degree was not accepted for registration. I had 6 years experience in Intensive care, I loved my job, I wanted to work in a hospital. I wanted to use my training! And I wanted to do it in Australia. My name is Syaiful and this is my story.

Meet and greet a Koala

I had been looking at how to live and work in Australia since I was a child, it was my dream. My parents were not rich, I had to do nursing as there was no way to study medicine, so to help people I studied Nursing, and I got great marks and was employed by an Australian Hospital group in Indonesia. Then I started searching for ways to get to Australia. Every pathway seemed blocked, my Indonesian Nursing Degrees are not recognised and my Australian Employer would not help me, I needed to get my English up to IELTS 7 (in all bands) to study Nursing in Australia. I was stuck, what to do? Then I meet EMR Education who has worked in medical and around hospitals for years, they understood what I wanted to do, and they had solutions, not completely what I wanted but still solutions to live and work in Australia.

Unfortunately, the bad news was the need for IELTS 7 was not going to go away, I was at 6.5, and this was the major obstacle for my chosen pathway. I struggled and went to every free English course I could and studied as much as possible, I worked hard at learning English and slowly it got better. There must be another way, and EMR suggested that I study Aged Care at Certificate III level, in English, the materials are understood and not too hard, but I learnt and practised my English. I completed this in Indonesia, so now I had an Australian qualification, at least I could work in Australia if I could get there.

I received a call from EMR, and we set out to get me a Working Holiday Visa, I checked it out and it looked promising. We worked at my application together and success, I got a 1-year working holiday visa! I was set, just needed to complete my practical hours in Australia. I was a bit hesitant but finally collected my references, bought a flight ticket, resigned from my job, and flew to Brisbane, where I was met by EMR.

The locals can be quite noisy!

Well the next 6 weeks were stressful, my money went fast, I had to buy things which are more expensive than in Indonesia and EMR worked with me to make my Resume and qualifications complete so I could work in Aged Care or a hospital. Some days I just wanted to take any job, but EMR pushed me to keep going for my dream of working in a hospital. We went every day and met people in the hospitals, and workplaces, then suddenly success, I got a job offer, then success again, another Aged care and then work in the hospital!!! Yeah! It was like coming home, although this was different, more organised, more structured and definitely exciting.

Being on a working Holiday Visa I was not restricted to 40 hours per fortnight as undergraduate students who are studying in Australia are limited. I could work night shifts and weekends.

I travel now around Australia, run beside the Brisbane river during the day, and do the tourist things on my days off. I can get to the beach in under an hour, or swim or surf at Noosa. Life is good. And EMR is still here for me, I am busy studying IELTS with them and its easier with almost only English practised every day. Native English speakers are everywhere here! 😉

Arguing with the locals

So what’s next? I am busy with IELTS, as I still need that IELTS 7 (or higher now for migration), and we are working on the next visa and my Nursing qualifications, we have our plans, just getting it done now.

Feeding the Kangaroos

My advice to you:-
“My tip for everyone sitting there thinking and dreaming about doing it, just do it. Move to that country, study English or that degree, go on that holiday (make it a Holiday Visa).

You won’t regret it!

The best thing about studying abroad is all the life long experiences and people you get to know along the way while pursuing a degree, a career, a life goal.” Continues…