Visiting China Town

Visiting China Town

Australia Government will make decision to your student visa application based on information provided by you.

You need to make a clear outline of your case, providing as much as possible evidence to your claimed. 

GTE (The genuine temporary entrant ) requirements is an integrity measure to ensure your student visa program is used as intended and not as a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

The GTE requirements will identify the intention of the applicant, are they using the student visa for motives, or they truly wanting to gain quality education.

Your Student visa applicant must provide your personal statement in English addressing the GTE requirement. You can write it in your own language, but you need to provide translation copy (certified by the notary). It is important to note that your Statement of Purpose must be unique and should be written by you based on your experience, background and future career plans. 

Guidance to follow to make your Statement of Purpose :

1. Previous Study (or gaps between study and enrollment)

You need to explain the link between your prior education to your chosen course of study. If there is not a direct link, you need to make a reasonable explanation why they choose A student should explain the link between their prior education to their chosen course of study. If the link isn’t direct, you should provide reasonable explanation why you did that.

It is very important to explain why there have been any  gaps in your background, what is the reason of the gap and why they want to continue the study journey.

2. Current or past employment

You need to explain the link between the current career and explain how the chosen course will give benefit to the future career.

3. Value of this course to the applicant’s future

You need to explained that you have done some researched to know that the course that you choose will support your future career.

You need to list out the future job you can do in your home country after completion of the course.

You need to show the different of salary before and after the course completion.

4. In depth knowledge about your course provider

You need to show the depth knowledge about the course and the course provider and making a reasonable explanation why you choose that course and not the other course from other college.

5. Explain the future study reason 

If the course you choose is a new line of course, you need to explained why you choose that path.

For example, instead of taking the Bachelor of Nurse in university, which will require PTE 65, and big amount of money at one shot, you prefer to go through the avoidable way while you improve your English capability and competency by being in the English speaking country and English speaking class.

6. You need to explain why you choose Australia as the country destination of Study

Do some research about Study in Australia compare to study in Another country and make a clear explanation why you choose Australia and not the other country – to study.

Do some research about the cities to study in Australia, make a clear explanation why you choose the city of your study, and not the other city

7. Economic circumstances in your home country of residence

Each country is different and the situation is very dinamic. You need to explain your country situation, for example, instability of economic, hard to get the employment, very low income rate, etc etc.

You should link that to the expenses, how is your expenditure, and link that to your financial circumstances.

You need to explain how study abroad will improve your financial situation when returning to your country.

Example you can show the employment figure in your country

You could attached the reputable report on economic stability now and in 5 or 10 years ahead.

You need to identify the organization you want to work with once you are back to the country.

8. Link to family and country of Origin

You need to explain your family link or ownership that will force you back to the country (have husband or wife or kids and assets)

9. Ability to Finance while study

You need to demonstrate you can support yourself financially while study in Australia. You need to stated that you have a clear understanding of living cost in Australia.

 Note : This is just a guide, not an advice in line with Ministerial Direction 69 guidelines.

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