Student-1 Speaking
Student Speaking

These are some key points to ensure you do well in your English speaking exam.

  1. Know what is expected in the exam
    You are required to speak, understand, be fluent, pronounce correctly & listen!
    Time is limited for each task, so need to know what’s the best way to approach the question. Do you work alone, with another candidate, or with the examiner?
    You should understand the types of things you will be asked, how & what to listen for and provide the correct answer.
  2. Review the required Vocabulary
    Is there a required word list? Normally there is, you just need to find it! Print out the list and go over each word, one by one, make sure they know them all?
  3. Review the Structures
    Certain structures, require different words and phrases learn them!
  4. Useful Phrases
    Tests have phrases that are typically used or required because the tasks usually require the same thing, or description. Learn these Phrases.
  5. Special Tips.
    Understand what each exam requires, for example describe image in PTE is different in time and detail required, than IELTS.
  6. Have plenty of practice, then some more practice, and do some more practice!
    This is the most essential point in preparation for any speaking test. Spend the most time here!
Student 3 Speaking
Student 3 Speaking

Practice speaking as much as you can!

Student 2 Speaking
Student 2 Speaking
Practice & Smash English Speaking!