RPL Evidence Portfolio

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is a form of assessment that acknowledges skills and knowledge gained through:
• Formal training conducted by industry or education
• Work experience
• Life experience

RPL Initial Meeting
Collecting your references, while meeting old workmates.

The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes rather than when or where the learning occurred. Evidence of competency is collected by the applicant and submitted to the nominated assessor and assessment is made based on the required industry standard within the relevant training package unit of competency. The great thing is, this is a way to bring your experience from Overseas to the table to gain a qualification, be it for a better job, a promotion, the financial reward of being qualified or for Migration.  

So how to do this? And what happens if you don’t quite have everything or all the proof needed? Well RPL can help you there, as what you have got experience and proof of, you won’t need to do again! So you would just have to fill the gaps in your knowledge, and it’s quite surprising how much easier that is. Below is a process, but its quite simple really, we start with a preliminary check of your experience, your CV and the work that you have done before. We get you to check with the people you worked with for reference letters about your responsibility and role; you send this off to EMR for  checking how you compare against the qualification you are seeking.

Next we check and say if we think you are eligible, and provide you with an enrolment offer. At this point we are quite confident in you, so we say we will give you your money back if we don’t get you the qualification. We advise you what you need to gather from your references and colleagues and check if you have some photos or documentation from the work that you did. Sometimes people have to go and collect these from different sources in order to show their work experience. Evidence is gathered to meet assessment requirements with workplace and peer/ facilitator/mentor support. Advice and documentation from others such as supervisor, team leader, training manager and workplace reports may also be useful.

RPL Evidence Portfolio
Assessment & Evidence Checking

Assessment may also include oral questioning, demonstration and observation (photos or video is good for this!), documentary evidence (press articles or papers with your name on them) portfolio (physical examples and evidence) and of course third party reports (letters form work supervisors etc.).

If there are any shortfalls then, some gap filling maybe required, to complete the learning requirements.

Once the Assessment is done, the boxes and learning evidenced, and the gaps filled, a certificate of attainment is awarded and that is you qualified!!! So some organisation and some collecting of data is much faster and easier for some than to complete the qualification by studying. It really can be very boring to study and learn again what you already know, so save yourself the effort, check if you are eligible for RPL and make the process to qualification faster.

It can be just days to get your qualification!

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RPL Qualification Awarded