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Apakah Anda ingin bermigrasi, belajar / berbisnis, atau mencari pekerjaan di Australia, Selandia Baru, atau Indonesia?

Our purpose & Passion

Our passion is helping people to find their right pathway to immigrate, study, do business and find work in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Our clients are International Students, business professionals, Immigrants and/or investors. If you need help or are struggling with the understanding of study, business or employment needs or just need some business contacts in Australia, New Zealand or Indonesia. Contact EMR Business Service now.

Right advice in the beginning.

Starting a study, business and work in another country is always an exciting time, but setting up in the foreign country is challenging. Getting everything right from the very beginning is the key to success. 

The right advice is crucial. At EMR Business Services we  have  the expertise to guide clients right through the entire process. Assisting in setting up for study / business / find work in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Our Specialists

We have accountants, migration & education agents, business people and experienced entrepreneurs on our team. If we have any issue we can get them involved, for input technically or commercially or even politically. So if you need a good strategy or innovative solution to reach your goals, get in touch and start the process.

Years International Experience

Completed Projects

Latest Developments

RPL Qualification

We can get your skills recognised and you can become qualified from your previous training, education and experience.

Compliance Education

Today every company needs their staff trainined and inducted into safe work practices and business compliance. We provide that training, either in your system or through our online training facility.

Accounting Certification

Xero certified training as well as Quick Books and bookkeeping services. We can help with your needs.

We’ve Been Working in Medical For Over 20 Years

Medical, technical, engineering, marketing and managment are the areas the company has worked in. And yet it is all related and comes back to our rootes. We are here to share our experiences and encourage you to make the most of the experiences you can find. We will help you find places for new experiences.

Call For a discussion:

+62 (21) 750-7330

Let’s Make Something



Tell us your concept and ideas and we will be in touch to start the discssions and development of the proposals and training materials, working collaboratively and coordinating our activities.

EMR Scope of Activities

EMR Business Services biggest strength is the know-how of establishing the process, customer orientation, coaching to help our clients to understand the rules and regulations of doing business in Australia or Indonesia. Our services are broad, including education, migration, establishing a business, business set up, web & education course materials, design, sales and marketing and business coaching.

Migrant & Migration Services

Getting to make your move here can be challenging, be it for your personal education, or even bringing your family here, visas and migration requirements need to be in order to gain access to the things needed to live in Australia. 

When you arrive in a foreign country, what is obvious for the locals who speak the local language and know the way of doing things, can seem extremely difficult as you just don’t know what to do, or if it is even important. People need a place to go to ask and be guided.  Some people need more assistance than others, and we provide that information according to you needs, to setup and get yourself and your business running. Local regulations and requirements can be quite daunting, how to get a tax file number or and ABN or even just the work you use to do in your home country. Local references are often needed, local qualifications and local work experience to show you can do that in Australia too!

Education & Student Services

We hear a lot of international students and their families struggling with adjusting to Australian Culture & the Education system. It can be different and challenging to understand how the social and cultural attitudes of the system are in a new environment. The Australian values and culture of developing the student to maximize their potential and to allow them to grow and develop to the best of their ability is something special in Australia. They teach students to “think not just, think outside the box”.  The right to question and the informal social environment needs some adjustment so understanding both sides makes it easier to explain.

Today more than ever before our world becomes more regulated, trained and skilled in what we do for our business and our life. Technology is reaching into many areas of our life and we need to be more knowledgeable and trained to do the things and have the skills to do our jobs. Vocational training and education are merging and there is a big pressure to be compliant with many regulations. Today, it is not just good enough to know how to do work, you need to show competency and qualified training to be able to prove that you can do the work. This trend is spreading and this is increasing the demands for training and education.

Our EMR Business Services Certified Education Consultants are trained and skilled to ensure clients we help are shown the best pathway for their education.

Education Pathways & Career Road Maps

Being a student in the education system is about getting those skills and competencies needed to be accepted into the workforce as a skilled and qualified person. The road map, or educational pathway, of how you get to that recognition can be a twisted road. Firstly, you may need previous learning to be recognized and then according to what is recognized you need to find your roadmap to the career and work that you want. We have solutions for proving previous skills and giving work experience to our clients. Call or contact us and have a chat.

Business Market Services

Our concept is to provide a one-stop service solution for clients so that we can remove some of the barriers facing small to medium sized businesses. Running a small business is time-consuming, so we help you with these services to free you up to get back to your core business.

We know from personal experience, what it is like to leave a high paying job and how it is to be in a country far from home, not knowing where the best resources are and also not knowing how the system really works.

We also know what it is like to need a set and go business and feel the frustration of having to learn everything yourself instead of being able to access help..

EMR Business Services provides business mentoring accordingly to the need of the business owner, with the goal to help them through every business process and comply with valid local rules and regulations.

Client Testimonials

Meeting EMR Consulting was such a lovely experience. The amount of knowledge and experience they have was just what I needed – A mentor who can give me direction and assistance! By the end of our first meeting, we had direction and I had someone who can offer tremendous amount of knowledge and experience. I was so excited! Express Mentoring gave me hope, direction and something to look forward to. It’s been less than a month and I’m ahead of my goals, and I’ve already started on my marketing campaign. So this is my beginning and my purpose to my business.

Jasmine Heather

Sungguh pengalaman yang luar biasa bisa dipertemukan dengan EMR CONSULTING. Mereka sangat helpful, membimbing dan membantu saya dalam proses study dan career saya di Australia. Dan terlebih lagi, tidak hanya saya yang memiliki kesempatan membangun career di Australia, tapi juga keluarga saya (anak dan suami) juga turut mendapatkan kesempatan itu.Terimakasih atas kontribusi yang begitu besar yang telah di berikan kepada kami.. Semoga EMR CONSULTING semakin berkembang to help peoples achieve their dreams – “Eko Sapti”

Eko Sapti

Thank you again, EMR Migration.

Sanjaleena Singh

457 Visa

Those business goals EMR Consulting and I went through are slowly coming to fruition. Thank you again.

David Vine

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