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Why Study Nursing?

– Nursing is in high demand, unthreatened by AI.

– Nursing careers are often included on the lists for permanent recidency pathways.

– It is a widely accepted qualification Worldwide.

– You can improve and save the lives of other people.

– Nurses are caring and giving respected members of the community & society.

– Always in demand and respected.

– And much more…

Study Nursing at University

Optimize Your Time, Achieve Your Goals and Objectives, Quickly!

The fastest route to Nursing and becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) is to go to University and study a Nursing Degree. You can often do the academic parts at home if you are suited for this, although the cost is not very different and peer support as well as resouces are more readily available when you study in class or blended. Of course for the clinical placements there is no substitute. Hands-on training can be done during residential schools on campus and at healthcare facilities near to where you live.
Diploma courses for becoming an enrolled nurse are now also available through blended learning and are an alternative pathway. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia lists all approved programs of study (here). The courses lead to registration, endorsement and notation of applicants for registration as an enrolled nurse (EN), registered nurse (RN) or midwife.

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Nursing Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

When your background is not direct from school, then alternative pathways are often shorter and less costly, EMR Education is helping aspiring nurses to achieve their dream to serve and help others in life, with consultation and support and being proactive in support of the process.

  • University Options
  • Scholarship information
  • Education & Career Pathways
  • Training & Support
  • Overseas Qualification Pathways 

Overseas Qualifications

Nursing Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Are you based overseas, depending upin  your country and your background different options are available. Making the jump to Australia should be prepared and researched, especially as the medical industry is heavily regulated. There is a requirment for Superior english skills to ensure good and safe communications where lives and public health are concerned. This entry requirement could slow your progress or be a major speed bump in your journey. EMR Education recognised this and has built systems to help.

  • English Language foundation
  • English Exam Preparation
  • Community Services fundamental training
  • IRON Course Assistance
  • Overseas Qualification Pathways 

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How to Start Your Nursing Career

The first issue is where can you study, and today the opportunities are more than ever before. Location becomes important, especially with clinical work placements, however fundamentals can be gained remotely and even online. Cost is another factor, as often it is not only the course fee that is expensive, but having to move and relocate to a different country. Other commitments and factors could also be important.

  • University Loctions
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  • Education & Career Opportunities
  • Training & Support Available 

Our Specialties

Understanding Your need is Easy, with a Medical Heritage!


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What We Can Do For You

Being a boutique education business, we have the motto “Education done differently”. We live by this a think an use our knowledge and resources to bring the best options forward. We coach and assist and follow you on your journey, being there when needed. Just let us know and we will make ourselves available.

University Choice

Many things go into selecting which university is best for you, including location, support, infrastructure & your travel needs. As well as the University reputation.

Diploma of NuRsing

A good fundamental training and knowledge is always an advantage, A VET course can provide that while still giving a pathway to Registered Nursing

English LAnagUage Training

Proficient English is needed to enter Nurse training, to get this requirment different options are available.

Customised Pathway to Nursing

Everyones situation is different, we take the time to find the best pathway for you.

From Our Founder

Make The Best of Your Opportunities

It had been a long year and I was due for a holiday, I packed my bags and prepared. It was difficult to accept that I also neeed to study for one last paper, so what else to do?

I packed my text books and here I am. This is actually coming home fresh and recharged ready for the exam. The life as a Nurse is very rewarding, and sometimes sacrifices are made along the way.

Enjoy the journey! 

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Using my Nurse degree in Australia

It started as a Working Holiday Visa, I couldn't just register and use my Indonesian Nursing Degree in Australia, I needed to be registered and for that my degree was not accepted for registration. I had 6 years experience in Intensive care, I loved my job, I wanted...

English for Special Purposes – Fluent IQ Assessment

Fluent IQ is an English for Special Purposes solution for recruitment and candidates who want to self-market their English Assessment for work purposes.

What are English for Specific Purposes or ESP courses?

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses focus on developing English communication skills in a specific discipline, such as health care, finance, marketing, tourism, management, human resources, engineering and strategic thinking.

Proficient English, is required for Nursing & Accounting -Superior English, if you want to be a teacher!

Proficient English, is required for Nursing & Accounting - Superior English, if you want to be a teacher! English Language Tests Compared How do the tests compare and why choose one over the other? The Department of Homeland Affairs, as Immigration is known today...

Student Visa – Important guidance

The GTE requirements will identify the intention of the applicant, are they using the student visa for motives, or they truly wanting to gain quality education.

Nursing in Australia – in three steps

Pathway to Nursing Registration In Australia

Nursing in Australia

To work as a nurse anywhere in Australia, you need to apply for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Once you have that registration, it is valid for one year and you can travel anywhere in the nation for work. Australia is a vast country...
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