Learning & Development


We setup  LMS Courses and systems, e-learning training and micro learning packages are developed & prepared with your materials, or developed for the project. Delivered by blended learning or online.  Projects delivered within the agreed contraints. These examples show the materials and the results of our work.


Moodle - Course & Training Setup

We configure and setup Moodle and other LMS systems. Initial course and training setup, student login Portal and Content Management. (login needed beyond front page). Integration of e-learning development in Articulate Storyline, either to Moodle or to a web site.


Training Material/Course Development

Not just Orange Carrots! We develop course and training content in Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, HTML5 etc. to provide engaging Action Mapped Instructional Designs. Whether you have an LMS or a Website, we make all materials for our courses, we are happy to do this for you too, or be part of your development team.

We take your materials in pdf, or Powerpoint or just your course notes and overheads. We have converted from flash back to Source materials and then modified when required.

The Safety Handbook was put together as an induction for student performing cleaning work. this was developed from a set of handouts!

Food Safety Supervisor

This is a course that is frequently needed by people supervising food handling operations. This is a course without Audio – a little boring! 

Here a full cirriculum is available however the materials had to be put together and translated for students. Some limited audio.

Demonstration of Adult learning principals.


Innovative Training Development

We innovate and work with the latest technology and techniques to bring learning to courses. The application of AI to learning and distribution to computation in the cloud brings an exciting future and relieves teachers from routine tasks. Eg Voice and speech analysis & training.

Short Course Development

We develop short courses to enable people to learn specialisted topics or subjects such as Dementia. Graphics developd to demonstrate memory loss with age; watch the introduction slide!

Australian University Locations

A simple map of the location of the universities in Australia. An example map converted to being interactive.


Compliance Training

We offer many different courses and levels of customisation to suit your business, your SME’s and flexible pricing based upon learner time, slides, level of interactivity & customisation, as well as voice narration requirements.

This training covers Code of conduct as well as work place bullying and equal opportunities. Draft speech added to demonstrate text to speech place holding and development.


Photography, Video & Animation

We have a photographer on staff to assist with any studio or site photography, video and resource development, intergrating your company into the animation and materials makes it uniquely yours.

No documentation, no photos, don’t worry we can organise that too! We have graphic designers available as well for specialist tasks such as magazine layouts.

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