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English for Special Purposes (ESP)

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Maybe you learnt basic english at school, now you are older, ready for the next step to explore the world. But your English is rusty, stale and unused? Need also a head start for University overseas? This is why we have English for Special Purposes! Training in English for you to reinforce the basics of your education pathway.

Language Assessment

Get an English language competency assessment. Use for Recruitment or job hunting & candidate marketing.

We can provide English Competency Proof!

Online & Blended Studies

Study Online and remove the stress of travel. Blended learning is mixing some classes with online classes.

50 Years of Excellence IEC & IEC-Fatmawati

Intensive English Course (IEC) started in 1968. 

Today, we are delivering IEC-Fatmawati Courses, continuing the tradition. 


IEC – Fatmawati, 

Our ESP Course Offerings

English & Indonesian Language Centre

Daily, weekly & special class schedules, hours to suit need of students 

We teach basic, intermediate and advanced General English as well as English for Special Purposes. We also teach Expats how to speak Indonesian. We organise special classes and private tutoring. Get prepared to explore confidently a new world, understanding a new language. 

1. English Class for Kids

(Below Secondary School)

Daily classes, monthly enrolment

For kids 7-12 years old. Learn basic english skills. The course syllabus includes English language skills and study skills. Speaking, reading and being confident to use English.

2. English Class for Junior

(Secondary School)


These classes are designed for Secondary school students, more challenging and teaching students to be confident and fluent. Elementary, to Intermediate & Advanced classes, as well as Converstional English.

3. General English Class 

(High School & Adult)

Daily classes & Online Self Paced training

The General English Program is designed to to teach you to communicate in English fluently and confidently. From Elementary, to Intermediate & Advanced classes are available to teach daily usage of English.

IELTS, PTE & TOEFL Test Preparation

Daily, weekly & special class schedules, hours to suit need of students 

Increase your score in a short time, inclass lessons and online training to reinforce the lessons. Know what the exam is like and practice under exam conditions. Get prepared for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, get an assessment before your test, to know if you are ready and what you need to concentrate upon. Use this for college, migration and work.

4. IELTS Exam Preparation

8 week classes 40 hours

Practice every section how the questions are formated and the key features you need to focus upon. Different courses are required according to your current knowledge. If you need IELTS 6.5 or 7.0 the course need is different. Assessed by a person rather than by a computer.

5. PTE Exam Preparation

8 week classes 40 hours

Do you need somthing more advanced? A faster result, or more computer based, then PTE could be for you. Typically this course is for students with scores of IELTS (Academic) 5.0 (with 5.0 in writing and all other sub-scores at 4.0 or higher) who have a course entry requirement of IELTS 6.5, or higher.

6. TOEFL Exam Prep.

8 week classes 40 hours

Test of English as a Foreign Language® is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities. The course is focussed on getting the best result from your TOEFL test.

7. CAMP (Saturday Sunday)

weekend classes

Learn basic english skills. The course syllabus includes English language skills, study skills and the academic information and training you need delivered over the weekend. Be imerssed and camp in English.

8. Australian Qualification Classes

weekly classes – 1 year

So you plan to continue to Australia or New Zealand? We deliver AQF qualifications as a Partner to get you started. Boost your English with special purpose courses in the area you want to study or work. 

9. Scholarship Class

customised training

Self study and self paced Scholarship opportunities to study overseas are now widely available. Some scholarships include pre-departure English language training to assist successful applicants; however, many do not. Customised and standard programs are available.

10. English Language Assessment

Testing on demand

Prediction testing is to get an assessment of your English ability, or competency. We can assess you with a test and provide a letter of your competency stamped and verifiable from us, to go with your job application. Verify how good you speak on LinkedIn & Facebook.

11. In Company Training

virtual or In classes

Training of your employees is very important way to improve your asset. We provide classes at your office, either in person or virtual, eliminate the travel time and  be effective. General, Business, Telephone and Sales Coures are tailored to your company needs.

12. Private Lessons

Customised to your needs

English training for what you need and request. Self study and self paced learning is given to support the study. The course is customised to your needs, the teacher is whom you are comfortable with. Maybe you need Speaking, writing or intensive exam practice, call us to discuss. 

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We have many different classes and levels, for children and adults. If you need to study for that all important English Exam such as PTE Academic, IELTS, TOEFL we can train you in those specialities, or you can just study general english. We highly recommend the English for Special Purposes classes and courses to learn english and get qualified at the same time. 


Why Learn English for Special Purposes?

Travel The World With Confidence

If you want to go out from your country and travel the work to study work just have fun, be confident with your English.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Imagine the possibility to be able to work and communicate with ease in another country. Increase your job opportunities and options.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Enjoy English movies and drama, appeciate the culture and understand and laugh at the jokes!

Become a Better Learner

Because you are learning the jargon, the special words used and writing in that subject you don’t focus on the fact that you are learning English but on the subject.

Business Travel & Communication

Sometimes there is a sudden need to send someone overseas, it is so much easier to do this when you speak English. No Stress, you can take the opportunity. 

Speak With More People

Do you want to speak to people and learn about who they are? With a good English skill this becomes easy. In fact we often learn to do this by role playing.


Popular Courses

12 week clasS

English For Health Purposes

If you already have a Nursing degree, or you plan to continue your studies at a University in Australia or New Zealand, then you can study a Certificate in Community Services level III, IV or even a Diploma here in Indonesia before you travel to your University. Credits for this learning can reduce your time in University making it really dual purpose.

12 week class

Intermediate English Exam Training Online

PTE Academic, TOEFL or IELTS can be studied online in your own place. The level of support can be selected according to your needs. This is a part of English for the Special purposes in exam training. Maybe you just need to hear what you need to do, and some of us like the interaction of a Teacher. The choice is yours.

12 week clasS

English For Business Purposes

If you already have a business degree, or you plan to continue your studies at a University in Australia or New Zealand, then you can study a Certificate in Business Administration III, IV or even a Diploma here in Indonesia before you travel to your University. Credits for this learning can reduce your time in University making it really dual purpose.

3-12 week clasS

Bahasa Indonesia For Business Purposes

If you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia we have a number of courses and options for you. If you are short of time and need a crash course we can do that. If you need to really  get advanced then a longer course is more suitable to you.

We could come to you, or run virtual classes. Get the feedback and hear native speakers pronouce the words.  


Why Learn With Us?


Established for Over 50 Years

IEC has been operating for more than 50 Years. Since 1968


Over 10,000 Graduates

Many people have graduated from IEC all over Indonesia.


Located in near you in Indonesia

45 ESP Centres for you to choose from.


World Class Educators

We teach Australia Qualifications for Special Purposes which are accepted all over the World.


English for Special Purposes

We teach English for Special Purposes to teach specialised language skills for education, work & employment.

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

We have courses deleloped and ready to go, just enrol and start! When we do a Blended or virtual class we need to coordinate the class so that everyone is learning the same thing. We can Zoom to a computer near you and you can participate without the hassle of travel!

About US

Our Recent Story

Our new class recently started in EMR Edukasi – IEC-Fatmawati, Jakarta, watch the video see how informal and relaxed everyone is, you too could join these classes. Give us a call today!




Language Courses


What Our Students Say

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Jane Doe

Learning Japanese for Business

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Arnold Smith

Full-time Student Abroad


Attending Our School

Applying Online Domestic

When you are local and and want to study locally please fill in the application form below and we will process your enrolment. Give us a call and finalise your schedule and our classes to find the suitable fit.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Foreign Placement Program

This is the program for people who want to study abroad. If you are looking for a foreign placement we need to work with you to develop your career and education pathways. We need to look at the different options and find out the costs and where is the best place for you to go.

Work options can also apply depending upon the course and the destination country.

Tuition Calculator

We offer flexible payments to make the tuition fees fit your budget and planning. Tell us how often you wish to pay and we we make you a payment plane to suit.

If the calulator below is not available then please give us a call and discuss your situation. 


Frequently Asked

My English is really poor and I worry if I could complete a qualification studying in English?

We have two options here, the first is that we do an assessment and really know how competent you are before you enter the course. The second thing is that we are a part of IEC and can train your English so you are able to do the course.

What is a VET qualification from Australia?

VET stands for Vocational Education and Training and is a a program to enable students to gain an Australian Qualification learning the skills and knowledge required for a specific Industry or Job. VET are often the foundation courses for University Degrees and so can be accepted to shorten related qualifications, depending upon the University.

I already have a degree in Accounting, but I want to study business in Australia?

Then a VET Business Adminstation course is ideal to improve your english, reinforce the learning that you have done in Accounting and get you started towards that study of Business in Australia.

What Equipment do I need?

You need access to a computer and the internet with Microsoft Office 2010 or equivalent and broadband speeds or higher. Your computer should be able to complete basic word processing and run the most updated version of your browser, like Firefox or Chrome. If you want to take Virtual classes then you also need a Webcam.

Self Study Guide

Often our students and visitors ask how to learn without coming to class, or what can they do to prepare for exams. So here are our guidelines and information that will help with self study.

Using my Nurse degree in Australia

It started as a Working Holiday Visa, I couldn't just register and use my Indonesian Nursing Degree in Australia, I needed to be registered and for that my degree was not accepted for registration. I had 6 years experience in Intensive care, I loved my job, I wanted...

Smash Speaking English

Student Speaking These are some key points to ensure you do well in your English speaking exam. Know what is expected in the exam You are required to speak, understand, be fluent, pronounce correctly & listen! Time is limited for each task, so need to know what’s...

IELTS – Summary & Paraphrase

Why is it important to be able to paraphrase? Paraphrasing is important, not only for the writing test but for all of the other parts of the test too. Being able to paraphrase will show the IELTS or TOEFL examiner that you have a wide vocabulary, helping you to...

IELTS & PTE Write an Essay Task

There is a lot of material available on the internet and a hugh number of real and made up essay examples, for students to practice from and yet time and time again we find our students struggling, so we thought we would write the basics of what you need to do, to...

Prepare for IELTS, TOEFL or PTE – The right way!

How to Prepare for the IELTS, TOEFL or PTE Test, the Right Way! The IELTS, TOEFL OR PTE tests are designed to measure the English skills of non-English speaking people by testing their writing, reading, listening and speaking abilities. It is always important to...

English Language Tests and Resources

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once. It is astonishing how much enjoyment...

Anki & Language Resources

In your thirst for knowledge, be sure not to drown in all the information. Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place - that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great...

EMR’s Guide to Using Anki for Languages – Part 2

ANKI FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING (English and Indonesian - Part 2) EMR’s Guide: Anki for Language Learning Alistair Mac, Senior Educator, Australia 21 November 2018 This tutorial is just a get you a deeper understanding of Anki, how the notes and cards work. To be able to...

EMR’s Guide to Using Anki for Languages – Part 1

Downloading Anki and Add-ons Setting up Anki What to do every day Important Tips Card Creation Tools Statistics Customised Study & Exam Cramming Customised SRS Options Further Reading I used Supermemo for a long time (years) and then due to work and other...

How to use CEFR for Language Studies

An overview of the usefulness of CEFR in learning Bahasa Indonesia and English, to help you learn Indonesian and English.

English for Special Purposes – Fluent IQ Assessment

Fluent IQ is an English for Special Purposes solution for recruitment and candidates who want to self-market their English Assessment for work purposes.

Free Trade Agreements (Australia – Indonesia)

Free trade agreements change the boundaries and rules of trade and immigration as they act a set of guiding principals making regulation to be in alignment.

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