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At IEC-Fatmawati is the EMR Indonesia, English for Special Purposes Centre where we run various courses, classes and services. However, our job ready program is gaining a strong following, it introduces Australian life and culture, what is different from Indonesia, and how to do things in Australia.

We decided you need the best possible chance to have a great experience in Australia, so you need good English and skills for work, we bring Australian Qualifications to Indonesia so you can prepare and gain qualificatons before your travel starts.

Learn about daily life and work requirments, what it means for tax and work rights, learn about WHS (Workplace, Health and Safety), and the health system.

EMR - Education

EMR Education delivers Education and Training courses together with RTO Partners here in Australia, as well as, non-regulated training for corporate complainace and Job Skills, such as practical Accounting Certification, or PTE Exam Preparation.

Higher Education - University

Have you been accepted into a full-time course at an educational institution in Australia, or are you just considering what is possible. Guardians and and partners can come under this visa as well.

VET - Vocational Education

Australia has need of skilled people to supply its requirments, so if you fit that description, then now is a perfect time to make your application for skilled migration. The skills are published and the assessment is based on points. We can help you in all steps of the process.

Australia-New Zealand Job Ready Program

Job ready is a skills training program to get Job Ready for Education and life in Australia. Learning English in a friendly safe environment, without the cost and distance of being in Australia.

IEC Fatmawati

IEC Fatmawati located at Bona Vista Raya No 1 offering Basic English Study, English for Kids, General English Business English, IELTS & PTE Preparation Course s IEC is a specialised English Education Provider operating since 1968. “MORE THAN JUST AN ENGLISH COURSE”

IEC-EMR Training Centre

Together with IEC we have setup Overseas training centres so you can learn what is needed to study and work in Australia. Improve your English, gain skills and learn, just in your nearby IEC Center.

English Training around the world, from Indonesia

Enjoy coffee and a chat, relax and get updated on your English in your office, avoid the travel and macet, relax aja, the teacher is online! Delivered together with INSPIRE English For Speaking . Teaching English without limitations.


We utilise the latest technology  to bring content to you with Blended learning and education on demand through our Student Study Portal.

Australia Qualification

Job Ready class completed Certificate III in Individual Support, all work in English and ready for the next challenge. Contact us for full program

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Education Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Discuss and plan together where and how you will get the education you need for the future and life you desire.
  • Gain Australian Qualifications
  • Learn English
  • Study for your future
  • Specialised skills development
  • Aviation Pathways
  • Management Consulting

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting Education career Research Learning & Training Learn English In Indonesia Get ready for Australia Get the Qualifications you need for English speaking countries Study IELTS or PTE


What We Can Do For You

Fundamentals, when they are good are the foundation for your future. They set you up for a strong and tall career. Knowing English really is the international  language of commerce, and a good internationally accepted education proves you are ready and capable. A cut above the rest, the extra meter getting you further down the road. We mentor and culture our students making sure they are ready for whatever life challenges they may encounter.

English Training

Together with IEC-EMR teaches you english. Get the fundamentals right for working internationally.

Exam Preparation

Migration and entry to University and Education needs good English Exam Results. We teach you about the exams, what to expect and how to make the best of these.

Culture Training

Learn how to live and work in Australia.

Australian Qualification Study

Study foundation education units so you become familiar with the culture and methord of learning that you will find in Australia.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

When I was young, I dreamt of Mary Poppins and Pippy Long Stockings, of adventure and fun exploring unknown places. I studied hard at English, with Indonesian already my second language, my local dialect my first. We moved to Jakarta and after school I studied English, I wanted to learn it so badly, I taught the cat to speak English! Well actually I spoke to it and it loked interested at the attention.

With this desire and basis the world openned up when I entered University and my career started.

EMR is my vision of giving back and sharing my dream of education with you all.

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