Ideas to grow your business with! We all have some little gems and diamonds that we store away; the guiding principles and the basics to live by. The stuff that keeps playing in our heads, guides us and motivates us to go on! This is my summary for you to enjoy, think about and consider!

Team building.

Money & Gemstones
Business Gems & Money

So instead of just planting a tree, teach an employee to do this, get them trained and working and you now have 2 people planting that forest! But wait there is another important thing happening here, now you are not just working in your business, you are working at building your business. This is quite a different work, and yet it is the same work; planting a tree! What makes the difference is what is the purpose? What are you doing this for? A well trained team plants forests faster.

Having a Purpose is Important

Tree growth metaphor
Growing trees, a garden or a forest or rescuing Earth, start by planting a tree.

A purpose driven environment is really important, for so much that we do, be it in business, engineering, finance, the stock market or just day to day. Purpose is less about the tasks and more about the mission, the objective of what you are trying to do, what you are working towards. This is the big picture items if you like. If you are planting a tree, it can be a single tree, or it can be making a garden, or a forest. In all cases, it still needs to plant each tree properly, right conditions, give it what it needs to get it started and then once it reaches a certain size, the care and attention it needs is reduced and it starts to grow on its own. Think of your business this way, so we need to do the basics right, get the seedlings growing and setup properly and then give them time to grow to maturity. I know it’s a bit abstract. These metaphors help to shape what we do and build our lives.

When you rest and step back to view the progress you have made, it is different, when you teach people to plant trees and have an army doing the work, then planting your forest on your own. We need to work on our business differently depending upon our purpose, and we need to be mindful of where we are going.

How to Grow Rich Secret

Business Plan 101
Business Plan 101

How to grow rich? I have been told it is simple, “spend less than you earn, and wait!” The bigger the difference, the less the wait. There are a few ways to speed this process along, and each often has risks and rewards and different chances of success, there is the power of compound interest (the magic of economics, if you ask Einstein). This is the tree planting of getting rich, think about it, the purpose can be different, but the basic tree planting needs to be done the same.

Cashflow – reinvestment in your business

I just heard this morning; “If you want your business to grow; then makes sales, produce cash-flow, reinvest whatever is left after expenses & costs and you WILL grow. It’s not rocket science!” The really interesting thing is, the metaphorical tree here is to spend less than you earn and reinvest (wait). The basic guiding principal is actually the same as getting rich. Isn’t that interesting?

So ultimately it is all about balance, know your purpose, the underlying principal and the destination you are trying to achieve. You need to learn how to do this. Education is one way to learn this, or life experience.

EMR Business Group

Success Tree
Success Tree

This is actually what we at EMR are doing, our students have a goal, or a destination, our business clients have an issue or need to achieve something, like setup in a foreign country. Migrate to a new country and start a new life.

We at EMR Business Group focus on the basic purpose and mentor our clients to achieve their goals, their education, their migration, their future.  So when you hear us ask “what is your goal?”, “what do you want to achieve?”  or “for what purpose?” we are looking for you to identify are you growing a forest or a garden, or a single tree, and what you need to do to achieve that goal.

Then we build the plan to help you together.

The Education Pathway or the Career Plan or your Business Plan. 

Just make it happen!